Climate Venture Collective

We are a global community that brings together climate entrepreneurs with shared goals. Our mission is to fill the gaps that will help us to overcome climate change together and create a sustainable, circular and ethical world.

By building a diverse yet collaborative community, we can support and share ideas to build circular, regenerative and sustainable entities that will help tackle the climate crisis.


Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner in the climate space?

We bring together climate and environmental entrepreneurs in similar areas of the climate industry to share problems and come up with communal solutions.

Fighting climate change is a global mission that can’t be achieved overnight but if we pull together, we can get there before it’s too late.

Where do we start?

Let’s start here:

1. Nurture a regenerative and circular mindset that moves entrepreneurs away from competition and towards collaboration.

2. Connect entrepreneurs looking to complement their services/products and build solid alliances to address systemic issues.

3. Make visible the systemic issues in which these entrepreneurs operate: i.e Sustainable Fashion, Food Waste, Plastic, etc.

4. Identify common challenges preventing them to scale, as well as any gaps left unattended.

5. Build and execute actionable strategies to address the collective issues identified.

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Note: we are taking a break from our blog while we plan our next stories and research some interesting climate topics, make sure to check back in a few weeks to see our latest posts! (updated 22nd October 2022)

In the meantime read some of our past stories to find out what we have been up to and some good things from other people and organisations too.