community hub

Our Community hub dashboard and resources channels is open to everyone. We use it as a source of knowledge that we obtain from every project we launch and it’s in constant evolution.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or looking for guidance to kick off your own project, we invite everyone to use it, even if you’re not part of our collective (we wish you would join though!)

our communication channels​

We use slack to communicate internally.  for our project management teams, inspiration, news, introductions, etc.

We’re a friendly bunch here at the CVC and would like you to join any channel(s) you’d like!

Click on the slack logo to join us!

We use Google Drive to save any relevant documents for our projects.

If you have been granted access, just click on the G Drive Logo or if otherwise, you need access, send a message through slack

the cvc dashboard

We use Trello to organise ideas, knowledge from previous projects, things that inspire us, and more!

Click on the Trello logo or the board below to interact with our dashboard!

What is Trello?