Slack channel: #walkable-cities

Project Leader: @Annie (CVC Marketing Team)

Project Champion:

Contributors: @Anaísa Pinto, @Jordan E, @Laura

Background and objective

Transportation is responsible for nearly 25% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions, and 15% of annual emissions in general. A whopping 72% of these transport-related emissions are from road vehicles.

We want to reduce CO2 emissions by encouraging city-dwellers not to drive when there is a viable alternative method of transport (eg public transport, walking, cycling).

We are proposing a campaign to convince people to pledge to not using any form of car transport for a period of time.

Our vision: A world built for people, not for cars.

Our strategy: A collective challenge to help people realise that living without a car is easy, and will benefit their health and the planet.

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