Where there’s a will there’s a way, and there’s certainly a will.

It’s been seven months since launch, and so far the going is good. The number of enterprising and creative ventures attaching themselves to The CVC continues to grow, and we now have an enthusiastic team of volunteers dedicated to uniting them as a community. There is now scope to be more confident in our ethos and more, not less, ambitious in our goals. Here’s a breakdown of the central tenets of the CVC.

It’s all about delegation

The climate emergency appears to be an overwhelming, unmanageably complex problem. This, understandably, creates a feeling of helplessness in many. Yet, as with almost anything, this complex issue can be broken down into a series of manageable sub-problems. The CVC is not a single-bodied community but a network of factions built around a supportive core, each working away at a piece of the puzzle. Though we don’t precisely know how many pieces this puzzle has, the more people working on it, the better.

Diversity is the key to generating collective intelligence, and avoiding ‘groupthink’

The idea of collective intelligence is, simply put, many heads are better than one (at current estimates, the CVC has around 450 heads to its name). For this to be the case, these heads need to not have identical thoughts. Collective intelligence requires diversity, both of expertise and of personal background. It’s well known that diversity of opinion leads to more creative solutions, which is why our monthly workshop, tackling the ‘big issues’, is so important. It brings together every individual member, with all their various experiences, to create an idea-generating machine. Outside of the workshop, the network-structure of the CVC means that different groups can constantly communicate and collaborate. This ensures that we get this same beneficial diversity effect when it comes to tackling the smaller pieces of the puzzle. Just like relationships, communication is key.

Both commercial and charitable ventures are part of the solution

Sometimes ventures make money, and that’s okay. It’s great to create a social enterprise, or to lobby for a desperately-needed change. It’s also great to make green ideas central to your day job. At the CVC, we’re making provisions for ventures to be financially rewarding as well as personally rewarding. Stay tuned for more details of how we’re making this happen.

It’s not all doom and gloom

We all read the news, and doubtless it is a sense of worry and frustration that has led all those joining the CVC to taking action. Being beaten over the head with depressing facts and figures, though, is not inspirational. Just as looking at climate change as one big problem instils a sense of helplessness, fear mongering creates either despair or resentment. As Clean Water Action say, “Positivity is always return-on-investment positive.” If we instil a sense of positivity, what we get is positivity in return, and positive feelings lead to positive actions. The good news is, it’s not all a hard sell. Making changes to tackle the climate crisis is often a win-win situation. Investing in sustainable pension funds, for example, is better both for the planet and for the wallet.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from these last seven months, it is that there are a huge number of people who care. People love the planet and the wildlife that inhabits it, and will do anything to protect it. The CVC is providing a launchpad for ambitions enterprises and projects, and we’re always looking for new ideas to support. Whether you’re looking for a more rewarding career or have a small idea you’d like to make a big one, let’s make it happen. Join the Collective, be a part of the solution, and let’s build the future together.

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