Our message: The People’s Planet. The People’s Economy. The People’s Plan.

It’s time our voice is heard because we believe the world can be a better place. We are speaking up for the people, to protect our future and our children’s futures.

No longer do we choose the economy over the environment, as a means to fill the pockets of the rich. Caring for our people and planet is the only way we will thrive after COVID-19.

The lockdown has been a wake up call around the world, and for the many that have sadly died, their family and friends have been left suffering. Radical change is needed to prevent another crisis, as the next one could be catastrophic.

Scientists, economists, and even CEO’s have signed letters to urge the Government to step up and do what is needed to protect us all. By implementing sustainable policies in a COVID-19 recovery, we can reach carbon neutral far before 2050 and fix our economy.

We, the people, are joining the movement to urge the Government. We will not be left behind or neglected in the recovery.

We are dedicated to tackling climate change with ambitious and achievable policies, which will make our economy thrive. We believe the big polluting industries should pay for the damage they are causing to our planet. We also believe in second chances and supporting businesses, however, they should earn their bailouts by committing to stringent climate conditions.

Our Government must listen to the people and commit to taking urgent climate action by implementing green policies.

See the bottom of this page for recent open letters calling on the Government to act on climate change.
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