The Climate Venture Collective is an experimental community which leverages crowd intelligence to come up with unique solutions to the climate crisis. We decided to run a workshop which focused on the use of a particular technology rather than on a certain climate topic like we normally do.

We attracted a range of members new and old and set off to uncover some unique solutions!

We started by identifying what AI is good at, why it is useful and where the best places for using it are. This brought up things like, ‘modelling’, ‘uncovering hidden trends’ and ‘object recognition in images’.

AI for Climate Change Solutions

We then set off to search through the Project Drawdown List, thinking about what we had just discovered about what AI is good at and tried to pick out interesting places where AI could be used. This set of ideas was rated and some of the highest rated ideas were:

  • Using satellite data to identify the most fertile places for reforestation
  • Using mapping data to help cyclists identify more bike friendly routes
  • Increasing the refrigeration efficiency of appliances
  • Creating a climate focused advert bot

We then scoured the internet for useful inspiration of how other solutions had used ai to solve things in interesting ways. A range of things came back including some big hitting examples from deepmind as well as smaller players like

We ended the session by each creating an idea, voting on these and placing the most highly rated on an effort/impact scale to make sure highly impactful but achievable solutions were chosen as projects.

To find out which project we picked and to get involved please visit our new website and sign up to join the community!

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