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The Climate Venture Collective (The CVC) is a group of volunteers that collaborate together to build things that solve the Climate Crisis. Tech, campaigns, service products, anything that can help scale a solution.

We do this by leveraging collective intelligence, bringing together a diverse range of people — each offering a unique perspective. This helps us to achieve high impact alongside low effort, ensuring we are efficient in our pursuit of sustainable change.

How have we been doing so far?

· The Peoples Plan– promotes the co-benefits of a green new deal as a solution to the looming economic crisis. We are launching a nationwide virtual public consultation to engage citizens and have our voice heard.
Visit our site and sign the petition: peoplesplan.org

· Go Invest Green — ensures the money that we invest into the economy is economically sustainable. Pensions has become a key focus of this project as they are an investment many people have. This involves creating methods to check how green the source of your pension is and what action you can take if it is not: goinvestgreen.org/

· Breathe the Rainforest — explores carbon neutral ways to holiday and explore the rainforest, the crown jewel of our ecosystem and the very lungs of our planet!

· #Fivethingsforourfuture — encouraging everyone to make 5 small changes to tackle the climate emergency

· Thank you for cycling — creating an app and a brand that makes cycling safe and appealing, helping individuals alter their carbon footprint
Follow us on Twitter: @tyforcycling

· AI for ESG– making an AI platform to help clean and structure ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) data into a more usable format

· Lockdown Leftovers — aims to tackle food waste during lockdown. We do this by posting different forms of content like fun facts, insightful tips, and plant-based recipe ideas to raise awareness of food waste and encourage individuals to make a change
Follow us on Instagram: @lockdownleftovers or Twitter: @foodwastecooks.

We are a close group of volunteers who are determined to make a difference during this lockdown period and beyond to empower people to take steps that positively impact their carbon footprint.

How can I help?

We are also always interested in collaborating with individuals and organisations — to get involved in our community please sign up to our newsletter which is always packed with opportunities

Only as a collective can we achieve our goal and tackle this climate crisis!

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