our mission

Joing the climate venture collective

We want to be the most accessible, collaborative and diverse global community, where you can start or take part in radical and impactful projects which tackle the climate crisis and inspire others to follow suit.

We are an open community that helps anyone easily start a project to help solve the climate crisis.

lean principles


We need to build new projects, campaigns and businesses to fuel a quick transition to a net zero world.

collective intelligence


We believe a community oriented approach, with a clear process/structure is the best way to rapidly create many new highly impactful projects at scale.

Our Principles

We will strive to make it as easy as possible for the broadest range of people (skills, race, background, age, etc.) to join the community and take part in its projects and activities.
We will endeavour to uphold our culture and ensure this culture of excitement and collaboration remains welcoming and professional.
We are dedicated to letting new ideas be voiced, and the best ideas supported. We will always host workshops and idea sessions as a core of our mission.
We are developing an ever evolving process/structure to help validate new ideas and get them turned into projects delivering impact as quickly and simply as possible.
We work to build partnerships, a network of investors, and all manner of other opportunities to help our projects scale and change the world.